Laser Tag Rifle

Laser Tag Rifle - for safe shooting training in a fieldcraft or TIBUA/TIWAF environment by Somerset's cadets

It’s state-of-the-art laser tag kit, similar in concept to the British Army’s TES (Tactical Engagement Simulation) system, but it is certainly no toy. It’s actually an invaluable training tool for Army Cadets when using blank ammunition is wasteful, costly or prohibited. The supporting kit attaches seamlessly to cadets’ equipment and is packed full of clever sensors. The result? A super sophisticated simulation.

British Army TES kit © Crown copyright
Laser Tag Rifle © Maj Paul Bunce

Similar in concept to paintball, but without any of the safety factors that can limit its use, Laser Tag allows cadets to train realistically, using camouflage and concealment, use of cover, careful movement and ammunition conservation to really bring the best out of them. With blank ammunition on Fieldcraft exercises there always needs to be an umpire who will determine if a cadet has been hit. With no proof of a hit, and no umpire near, it’s too easy to keep going, pretending that nothing has happened - in effect have God-like powers, similar to Call of Duty cheats! With Laser Tag rifles a hit is signalled by sensors on the wearer/target being triggered, emitting an audio warning. There’s no escape! Failing to duck down out of sight whilst fitting a new magazine - something that many cadets commonly do - is now rewarded by a high pitched warning, the equivalent of a head shot! The system can be set up to limit the quantity of ‘ammunition’ carried, set to stop after 30 rounds to indicate that a fresh ‘magazine’ needs to be fitted or indicate the success ratio of the firer’s accuracy.

Laser Tag Rifle and sensors © Maj Paul Bunce

In short it is a brilliant system that can be used in areas where the effort of planning to use blank ammunition is enormous, far outweighing any training benefits. It can be used safely in TIBUA (Training In Built Up Areas), schools or at cadet parade nights without any limiting factors.