Cadet Ranks

Working out who’s who in Somerset Army Cadets

When you join the Army Cadets you are given a uniform which you take care of throughout your time in the cadets. As you work through the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) and go up through the star levels you will get promoted to a higher cadet rank. Each star level has a different badge which you wear on your Blanking Patch on your arm. Normally these are the ranks you could hold at each level:

  • Cadet Lance Corporal - Has passed APC 1 star
  • Cadet Corporal - Has passed APC 2 star
  • Cadet Serjeant - Has passed APC 3 star
  • Cadet Colour Serjeant - Has passed APC 3 star
  • Cadet Company Serjeant Major - Has passed APC 4 star
  • Cadet Regimental Serjeant Major - Has passed APC 4 star. There is only one Cadet RSM in Somerset at any one time.
  • Master Cadet - After you have attained your four star, you have the chance of becoming a Master Cadet. You have to attend a Master Cadet course at the Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park. After you have successfully completed that course, Somerset’s Commandant will decide whether or not to recommend you for Master Cadet. This is at the Commandant’s discretion.

Follow this LINK to discover a valuable resource for Badges of Rank identification for your Military Knowledge test.