Army Cadet Dunkirk 80

Follow in the Footsteps of the British Expedionary Force in 1940

Building on the successes of Army Cadet Armistice 2018 and Army Cadet D-Day 75, Somerset’s adults and cadets are invited to take part in Army Cadet Dunkirk 80.

The 80th anniversary of Operation Dynamo in 2020 presents a superb opportunity for an inspirational and informative experience. The intent is to provide a one-day Dunkirk 80 Battlefield and Commemorative Experiences during the October half-term holiday 2020.

Somerset's revised plan, in line with the current guidelines relating to COVID-19, now covers the period 30 October - 01 November 2020, travelling from our locations to Shorncliffe, over-nighting in a training camp at Shorncliffe before and after the event, and returning home the following day.

You can find more information about Operation Dynamo here.

The cadets, with expert guides, will tour five carefully selected stands, covering curriculum coordinated themes including the causes of the war, the course of the war, the context for Operation Dynamo, and many other facets. The event will culminate in a commemorative parade on the sea-front at Dunkirk. The whole will be supported by a bespoke Commemorative Booklet which will include history and context, illustrate each of the themes, and underpin each of the stands with further detail.

To make the event accessible to those who would not normally take part in Battlefield Tours, the individual contribution will be £45. A maximum of 52 personnel (cadets and adults) from Somerset will be going on our visit so please get your requests in as soon as possible to your platoon commanders.

Cadets and adults will be expected to arrange their own passports. Cadet units will define the pick-up and return points and timings for coaches which will be booked centrally. Personnel will bring their own packed lunches for the journey to Shorncliffe.

You are encouraged to research your own families and provide any information and pictures which we will endeavour to include in the event material.

Army Cadet Dunkirk 80 - Themes

• The Second World War

• How the War Started

• The ‘Phoney’ War

• The Deployment of the British Expeditionary Force to France

• The German Strategy

• The ‘Blitzkrieg’ Invasion of the Low Countries and France

• Withdrawal of the Allies to and Protection of Dunkirk

• The Operation Dynamo Evacuation

Walk in the footsteps of the soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force at the beginning of the Second World War; understand the experiences of German and Allied soldiers as the Armies of the Low Countries succumbed to the might and speed of ‘Blitzkrieg’, and part of the French Army and the British Expeditionary Force was squeezed into a pocket, fighting a withdrawal to Dunkirk. Learn of the heroism and selflessness of the perimeter protection force as over 338,000 soldiers were evacuated by almost 700 ships and boats, over 112,000 of which were non-British Allies, mostly French soldiers. Commemorate their sacrifice and give thanks for deliverance in a public Drumhead Parade Service.