New flag flies over Oswestry Detachment

12 November 2018

Todays, junior soldiers learn their skills at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate where they are given basic and specialist training. However this was not always the case, in fact in 1952 Harrogate was the home of the Infantry Boys Battalion where recruits who demonstrated the required attitude and potential where taught leadership skills which would help them eventually become the leaders of the future.

Now more than 60 years later members of The Infantry Boys Battalion & the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Association based in Oswestry are still keen to support young soldiers as they prepare for army life, which also involves supporting the Army Cadet Force as many of their members where once cadets themselves.

One exCadet from Oswestry was Fred Howell who joined David Fraser and the Association’s Chairman Brian Kilty to present a new Standard to SSI Ceri Stokes and her Cadets from Oswestry Detachment.

The Standard was presented by Fred Howell to SSI Ceri Stokes who said “we are very grateful that the new standards reflects our new cap badge, the Grenadier Guards and the cadets will be extremely proud to display the Standards during the Remembrance Sunday parade”