Honorary Colonels Parade 2017

16 November 2017

The Honorary Colonels parade took place at Bramley Cadet Training Centre on 14th November. Cadets across the county were awarded the following certificates:

BTEC, DoE, and sports. There were also presentations and citations for CFAVs who received ‘The Cadet force Medal’ and 2nd Clasps.

From left to right!

Cadets from The Royal County of Berkshire with their Certificates

Capt G Kimber receiving his 2nd Clasp

SSI R Grant receiving his Cadet Force Medal

SSI A Stevens receiving his Cadet Force Medal

Maj O Williams Receiving his 2nd Clasp

Maj D Hobbs in recognition of his work with DoE

The commandant ‘Col E Brown SBStJ; Said he is ‘extremely proud of the cadets as they have shown they can achieve so much in the Cadet Force’

He also spoke of the dedication of the CFAVs who have received medals and clasps and recognition for service to the DoE awards.