The Army Cadet Force Values and Standards

13 July 2018

The Service Test

You should always ask yourself:

“Have the actions or behaviour of an individual adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or effectiveness of the ACF or the Army as a whole?”

If the answer is yes, STOP!




Selfless Commitment

“The ACF is about teamwork”

Selfless commitment is the way we work together to achieve our goals – to go further.

Make sure you play your part.


Respect for Others

“Treat others as you expect to be treated”

We should never insult, ridicule or intimidate others as it is both destructive and damaging.

Respecting others is part of the trust that has to exist between us.



“Support the ACF and your teammates”

Standing shoulder to shoulder with your team, helping them and looking after them, putting their needs before your own and never letting people down.



“Being honest with yourself and your teammates”

If you lack integrity your teammates cannot trust what you say or do. Be honest all the time, once trust is lost it is hard to earn back!



“Doing things properly and setting the right example”

The discipline to not let you teammates down and having the confidence that they won’t either.

The self-discipline to keep your standard high earning you the trust and respect from your teammates and pushing yourself for that next goal.



“Doing and saying the right thing all the times”

In the Army Cadets we must display two types of courage. Firstly, the physical courage to overcome obstacles that we might come across. Beating that fear of heights or discovering new adventures. Secondly, the moral courage to stand up and do the right thing, not turning your back when you see something is wrong.





The ACF expects all members to act professionally at all times. This means never taking part in activity which could damage our reputation or put others at risk.


Adherence to the law

Not only upholding the law and reporting when something doesn’t seem lawful but also expecting the same from others.


Appropriate behaviour

The ACF will not tolerate any behaviour which damages the trust and respect between any of its members. We must always protect others from inappropriate behaviour by reporting when something does not seem right.