Quebec Company Awards Evening

31 March 2017

Quebec Company Awards Evening 2017 


Last night was a very special night for the Cadets and Instructors of Quebec Company! Major Sarah Oxford, Quebec Company Commander hosted the annual awards evening.

The night began with the Cadets arriving at 1900hrs sharp! With the Senior NCOs ushering the company to the main hall of Donnington Bridge Detachment where the Instructors had been ‘hard’ at work setting up the seating and awards and ready to show off an amazing 12 Months the Company has enjoyed together. 

Major Oxford gave her opening address and spoke of the exciting events of the past year! This was followed by a short but inspiring video that the Instructors had put together to showcase the talent and achievements of the Company.

Next was the turn of the Cadets themselves to talk about the opportunities that they had participated in. LCpl Trafford spoke of her time at Junior Camp and her teammates who became her best friends, the week long event enabled her to grow in confidence to stand up in front of her Company promoting Junior Camp to the newer Cadets who will be attending next Month. Next was the turn of CPL Stuart, CPL Stuart was one of the chosen few who was selected to attend a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course. STEM was a new incentive hosted by the British Army to inspire young people towards a technical future. She spoke of her insightful and varied experience from looking at the inner workings of Military Helicopters to spending time meeting Cadets from across the UK. Finally, it was the turn of Colour Serjeant Surrage to talk about his time at his SCIC (Senior Cadet Instructors Cadre). An SCIC is a week long intensive course that teaches Cadets the methods to be true instructors and leaders.

After a quick refreshment break, it was on to the highlight of the evening. On behalf of the Battalion a massive congratulation to the following Cadets for achieving their awards.

Well done to the 3 Cadets for completing their First Aid Heart Start Award.

Quebec Shooting Competition – Best shooting over the year.

Third Place – Cdt Arnold, Donnington bridge

2IC’s Marksman – LCpl Baggett, Blackbird Leys

OC’s Marksman – C/SJT Surrage, Blackbird leys

Quebec Chosen Man Competition, Points awarded for attendants, promotions, courses, DofE and APC passes.

Rifleman of Headington Detachment went to LCpl Trafford

Rifleman of Kidlington Detachment went to LCpl Norton

Rifleman of Blackbird Leys Detachment went to LCpl Baggett

Rifleman of Donnington Bridge Detachment went to Cdt Arnold

The Chosen Man for 2017 with 219 points went to LCpl Baggett, Blackbird Leys Detachment.

The night was brought to a close with photos and a chance to look forward to the year to come.