Knock on Wood, Cymbals, Brass & Drums

25 October 2016

Knock on Wood, Cymbals, Brass & Drums


Saturday…..Bands, bugles and drums arrived with their Regiments from all over the Country, Merseyside, Durham, Oxfordshire, Cornwall and many, many more.

 An evening of relaxation, getting to know everyone and settling in, no uniform, no orders (as such), no pressures.  A time for all to meet, greet, feed their empty stomachs, get their brief for what to expect in a camp full of musicians who have given up their time to ‘inspire to achieve’ whatever the cadet’s wishes might be.

Sunday begins, and a long queue of up to 500 uniformed people waiting for breakfast on a dark foggy morning so they are set up for parade and ready to go off with their instructors into the appropriate cadre.

To some, this could be their very first time of holding an instrument or learning more about music itself, whatever the reason, the aim is to see the smiley faces enjoying themselves knowing that at the end of camp they may have achieved a BTEC or 1*, 2* etc., as the opportunities are endless for both cadets and their instructors.  The instructors have already said their thank yous to all members of staff supporting this camp and more importantly they have thanked the cadets for wanting a whole week dedicated to music.

There will be a chance to shoot, a chance to swim, fieldcraft, skipping and many more, either way they aim to achieve something and by the end of the week not only will they have travelled a long way in miles, but they will have come a long way in their own personal progression and enjoyed every puffing, tapping moment.  Rest assured, they may get tired as the days go by, but that buzz of enthusiasm, fun and achievement will make it all the more worthwhile.