Indoor Archery Tournament

29 November 2016

This weekend was the first Oxfordshire army cadet force battalion indoor archery tournament
There was some great shooting and the results are as follows

Cadet novice shoot this shoot had to be changed to a 24 arrows shoot due to training commitments

Speaking to SSI John Royal (Archery Officer for Oxfordshire Battalion) “The idea of the Battalion indoor tournament is to show cadets and instructors there is more to archery than just shooting a couple of arrows at the target. Archery is one of the activities most cadets find themselves occasionally doing during their time. However, most won’t go on to be part of a competition. Holding an internal Battalion one gives the cadets a confidence boost and give us time to see the potential champion cadets!”

Ladies cadet novices
1st. Cdt Linworth 47 points
2nd cdt valentine 31 points
3rd. Cdt Jackson 30 points

Gents cadet novice
1st cdt nunn 114 points
2nd cdt pehision 113 point
3rd cdt entenap 96 points

Experienced cadet ladies barebow this shoot was a Portsmouth round
1st Megan Norwood 417 points
2nd Rebecca Godfrey 375 points
3rd cdt s Williams 2 dozen completed

Experienced cadet gents barebow Portsmouth round
1st cdt Jon-luc Mombrun 167 points

Experienced cadet gents compound Portsmouth around
1st Reece Whiting 511 points

Adult ladies novice barebow Portsmouth round
1st lt Johnson 213 points

Adult ladies experienced barebow Portsmouth around
1st Siobhan Mundy 207 points

Adult Novice ladies recurve Portsmouth round
1st Michelle Mombrun 103 points

Adult Experienced ladies recurve Portsmouth round
1st siobhan Mundy 407 points

Adult Novice gents recurve Portsmouth round
1st smi jones 136 points

Adult experienced gents recurve Portsmouth round
1st Kyle Herbert 486 points

Adult novice gents barebow Portsmouth round
1st maj l Dynan 300 points
2st Pete Williams 285 points
3rd Lewis Norwood 274points

Adult experienced compound Portsmouth round
1st John Royal 565 points
2nd simon royal 539 points

A massive thank you to the whole team that help make the competition happen especially Pete for letting us gatecrash his weekend and to Siobhan and Megan for running my scores and helping me retain my sanity and to kyle and Simon for helping with the range.