Exercise Blue NCO - Who owns the fish?

26 February 2018

Exercise Blue NCO - Who owns the fish?


At 1900hrs on Friday 23rd February, 30 teenagers from Oxfordshire arrived at Read House Weekend Training Centre in Bicester to spend the weekend learning about leadership and being in a position of command.

The 30 Cadets having completed their 1-star proficiency training are now eligible for promotion. To prepare them for their upcoming responsibilities; adult instructors from across the county prepared a course focused on developing and improving their leadership, decision making, communication and public speaking skills. Doing this course has enabled these cadets; when they are promoted, to lead more effectively and with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

One of the activities the cadets took part in was to improve communication and teamwork within the groups. The cadets were challenged with solving Einstein’s riddle and find out who owned the fish.

The task the cadets were faced with can be found by clicking here.

Can you solve the riddle?


CSM T Barnes lead the weekend and said

“Watching the Cadets discussing the riddle was interesting, they did well to complete it within 25 minutes. I think we have some good future leaders on this course.”

Cadet Lance Corporal Beth Leo; a student on the course said

“This course was really fun, I am looking forward to taking what I have learnt forward, and trying out my new skills.”

For more information about becoming an Army Cadet or Instructor please visit our county website.