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About Westminster

1. This is the page for all Cadet Force Instructors if you want to access the Westminster database.

2. WESTMINSTER is designed to provide a Management Information System (MIS) to cater for the needs of the Army Cadet Force (ACF), Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), hereafter referred to collectively as ‘The Agencies’.

3. It is based on ORACLE technologies to provide an application delivering a centralised database accessible through the internet for those with the correct levels of authorisation to do so. The System presents a ‘web site’ look and feel front end interface to the database thus allowing users to access the system from any internet capable PC.

4. Once successfully logged into the system, WESTMINSTER applies a number of security permissions to the user ensuring that only authorised people are permitted to see data relevant to their unit hierarchy. This ensures that for example, users in the Army Cadet Force cannot access data from units outside of, or up the chain of command hierarchy or indeed across Service boundaries (e.g. Sea Cadet Corps data).

5. The WESTMINSTER application will provide the following objectives:

To efficiently and effectively store, handle and process personnel documents in a standardised way for a UK-wide organisation.

To improve the passage of information within the Agencies, not least to enable those responsible and accountable for cadet activities to have sufficient information to make sound decisions. In addition, the emerging Armed Forces Youth Policy will require a process to monitor cadet activities more closely than is currently possible.

To relieve the administrative load on the small number of permanent staff in HQs who have to control and manage the data.

To give access to the data through the World Wide Web to a much wider community of Adult Instructors who are authorised to use it.

It will allow up-to-date and accurate reports on any aspect of cadet activity nationwide to be given to Ministers, other politicians, the Chain of Command and the decision-makers who allocate the budget.

To safeguard and protect the details of children and young people in the Agencies.

To provide a helpdesk and technical support function.