“It reignited my passion for changing the lives of the cadets…”

5 February 2020

2Lt Jennifer Crawford tells us in her own words her experience of the Initial Officer Training Course.

On the 10th January this year, I attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the Confirmatory Module of the Initial Officer Training course. The long drive from Merseyside only added to the slight apprehensiveness I felt about attending the course but this was accompanied by excitement for the weekend ahead. This was my first visit to Sandhurst as I had opted to complete the Development Module of the training online. I was unsure of what to expect.

Initially, I was expecting more of ‘Westbury’ and a barrage of assessments with some leadership lessons included and ‘how to be an officer’ thrown in.

However, much to my surprise, straight from the off at the opening brief, I was reassured as Colonel Jurd’s introduction painted a fantastic vision for the future of the leaders within the ACF and I knew instantly that was a vision I wanted to be a part of.

Over the course of the weekend, we spent time in syndicates completing many activities, ranging from group discussions to dealing with scenarios, from ‘what would you do next’ to planning training. We shared best practices and also discussed the importance of the values and standards. Each activity was well presented by the Course Instructors, who all clearly had a passion for the ACF and this was evident in their delivery of the training.

Thanks to a combination of these activities, exercises, fantastic course instructors, awesome other students and inspirational guest speaker Mr Jordan Wylie (Ambassador for Army Cadets UK) I had an excellent time at Sandhurst completing the Confirmatory Module.

The course and the people involved pushed the boundaries of what I believed was achievable within the Army Cadet Force, it reignited my passion for changing the lives of the cadets (and adult instructors!) in the most enjoyable way possible. As an aspiring leader within the ACF, I really do want to inspire to

achive and the Initial Officer Training Course has definitely equipped me with the skills I need to drive forward and enable the cadets of Merseyside to truly enjoy their cadet experience.