Merseyside to Master Cadet!

20 June 2018

From Merseyside to Master Cadet!

Newly appointed Cadet Company Sergeant Major Cameron Renner’s Going Further!

No one could accuse Cdt CSM Cameron Renner of not giving his ‘all’ to being an Army Cadet. Sergeant Instructor Burns-McCombe caught up with Cameron at his detachment mid-April, just after he had been promoted to Company Sergeant Major by the Commandant of Merseyside Army Cadet Force, Colonel Ian Holmes.

Within the last few months the young cadet, who is 17, has travelled the Country attending both Master Cadet, Champion Cadet and presenting the Merseyside Army Cadets at the Cadet RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) Conference at Frimley Park.

Having joined the army cadets aged 12 because he always looked up to his uncle who was in the army, his cadet career has gone from strength to strength. Cadet CSM Renner, who is cap badged RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) has passed every star level, completed both his JCIC and SCIC (Junior and Senior Instructor Cadres), the Cadet Leadership Course, competed regionally and nationally in the ACFA football and managed to make friends for life along the way.

When asked to give a speech about who he thought was an inspirational character at the Champion Cadet Competition, Cameron chose the footballer, Ronaldinho, when asked why he’d chosen the player, Cameron replied “ because he worked hard to be noticed in his own right and became probably one the best footballers in history” an interesting perspective from a young person who has certainly lived up to the army cadets motto ,Going Further! When CSM Renner had completed the week course, Master Cadet at Frimley Park, Surrey, in March this year, he travelled home to Merseyside, had a two-day break and then travelled back down to Surrey for the Champion Cadet Competition, when we asked him how he felt about this, he simply replied “great, I loved it”.

Cameron, whose mum was also an army cadet, says that his best memory in the army cadets, apart from his promotion to CSM, has been the Platoon attack on the CLC (cadet leadership course) and when asked about his promotion he tells us that he is “over the moon and it was a big surprise”

When we asked Cameron’s sister, Cadet Corporal Jayde Renner, who attends the same detachment, what she thought of her older brother’s promotion, she told us she was very proud, we also asked her if she thought she would make Cadet CSM, “obviously” was her reply and “Dream on” was her brother’s!

Joking aside, we asked Jayde if her brother ever helped her and gave her guidance and apparently, he does.

So, what’s next in store for Cadet CSM Renner? At this point in his army cadet life he has one more annual camp left to attend before he ‘times out’ at 18 and he intends to help younger cadets as best he can until then. When we asked Cameron, what he wanted to do after the cadets, he informed us that he was thinking of joining REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers).

Andrea Renner, Cadet Renner’s mum tells us “I am truly proud, and not just myself, our extended family members are also very proud of Cameron”

Detachment Commander, Staff Sergeant Instructor Mel Latham tells us,” Whatever, Cadet CSM Renner does with his chosen future career, we are confident he will succeed, as Detachment Commander I am very proud of his achievements, to be honest I’m very proud of all of the cadets in my detachment, but this last 6 months CSM Renner has certainly impressed us all”