Merseyside Army Cadets honoured by Her Majestys Lord-Lieutenant!

26 July 2018

Cadet Lewis Lavelle and Cadet Duane Xavier, both aged 13 and from Aigburth Detachment, were awarded Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant’s Commendation for their actions in coming to the aid of an injured individual in Liverpool city centre. The presentation was made by Mr Mark Blundell, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Merseyside, during a ceremony at Liverpool Town Hall. Lewis and Duane were amongst 31 Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Cadets from across Merseyside who received Lord-Lieutenant’s Awards, which are recognised as laudatory honours throughout Defence.

Ms Stafford, a member of the public, was walking through Liverpool city centre when she saw an elderly gentleman fall and hit his head. Ms Stafford and her daughter ran over to help, as did Lewis and Duane who were passing by.

Ms Stafford stated that the cadets stayed with her on the scene for over an hour whilst they all waited for an ambulance. The cadets took off their jackets and covered the casualty. They stood in the pouring rain with no coats making sure he was kept warm.

Ms Stafford said that the cadets were simply amazing. They displayed true kindness and a most helpful attitude. During the incident, Ms Stafford remained on the phone to the ambulance service and the cadets helped with everything else. The ambulance service suggested over the phone that a defibrillator may be required. Cadet Lavelle visited a number of shops before he returned with a lady from Marks and Spencer armed with a defibrillator. She too remarked how brilliant and polite he was.

Between them the cadets reassured the casualty and waited for the arrival of the emergency services, eventually guiding the ambulance to the scene. During all of this the cadets kept the general public moving away from the incident.

Lewis said: “I feel very proud of what I have done, and I would do it again.”

Duane said: “I’m very proud for me and my family. When I’m older I’m hoping to either become a Police Officer, a paramedic or a pilot.”