Merseyside ACF moving with the times!

County Proudly announces NEW names for its 4 Companies

17 January 2019

Merseyside Army Cadet Force has certainly been all go since September 2018, with the appointment of a new Commandant, inspirational MBE recipient Colonel Stephen Boardman MBE DL and two new Deputy Commandants, Lt Colonel Thomas Fitzsimons and Lt Colonel Andrew Webster, also with impressive resumes. The County has certainly been placed in the spotlight!

In addition to ‘all change at the top’, is the very much welcomed introduction of names for the County’s traditionally numbered Companies, of which there are 4 spread across the Merseyside region.

The Companies have now been given unique names in honour of the conflict and reconstruction efforts in Southern Afghanistan.

These modern and up to date names provide real points of difference between the Companies, which everyone can identify with and take ownership of. In essence, they reflect ‘living history’ and this has already begun to resonate with both Cadets and Adult Instructors within our organisation.

Merseyside ACF Commandant, Colonel Boardman says;

“There are many benefits to adopting our new names, which I hope will inspire everyone in the organisation and encourage them to take ‘ownership’ of their Company identities. For example, the conflict and reconstruction efforts in these areas has taken place within the living memory of even our youngest Cadets and certainly of our CFAV’s, allowing a much more personal connection. Added to this is the fact that all of the cap-badges represented in Merseyside ACF have served in these areas.

In addition, a number of our CFAV’s may well have served in one or more of the locations themselves, so can bring personal experience and perspective. Importantly, unlike most conflicts of the past, these conflict areas were experienced by both males and females fulfilling many roles, which will allow everyone to feel connected.

We will keep the Company numbers, as they are part of our heritage, but going forward the Companies will be known as: 1 (Sangin) Company, 2 (Kajaki) Company, 3 (Musa Qala) Company, 4 (Kandahar) Company and

Senior (Garmsir) Company.

One final point I would like to make is that none of the names are battles per se, but rather are locations synonymous with the very best of British military traditions, both kinetic and non-kinetic. Indeed, the amazing feats of reconstruction in the social, economic, educational, infrastructure, political and governance fields are what these areas should be remembered for, alongside the sacrifices made.”