Focus On - County Sports

12 June 2018

This week we caught up with our County Sports Officer Staff Flanagan who gave us an insight into the sports opportunities available for Merseyside Army Cadets,  please read on to find out more!

Q.When did you become Sports Officer?

A. I was appointed as the sports officer in April 2018

Q.How long have you been involved in County Sports?

A. I have been involved in county sports since I was a cadet, back then we had football and volleyball which I enjoyed. Since becoming an adult instructor I have been mainly involved in football.

Q.What opportunities are available for cadets in Sports? 

A. In Merseyside we have the following sports, Football -male and female, Swimming- male and female, Cross-country- male and female, Rugby- male

In all of these sports a cadet can represent MACF at national level There is also the opportunity to go on to represent the northwest if selected..

Q.Is it a County or Regional Team?

A. Both. We as a county will hold trials throughout the year for all the events listed above, once we have a county team we will then compete against other counties to become regional winners. From all the teams who attend regional events we will then select a team to represent the northwest at national level.

Q.How well do we do regionally/nationally?

A. Regionally we have the best football teams for both male and female. Winning most years in both junior and senior sections. Also nationally we are very strong, just missing out this year and coming runner up in the junior boys section. We have also had some very successful swimming and cross-country competitors in the last few years.

Q.Do you have a favourite sport?

A. Football. It’s a passion of mine and has been since I was a kid. Even to this day I can’t give a game of heads and volleys a miss!

Finally, what can Merseyside Cadets look forward to over the next year?

As well as the sports we already compete in we are looking into the possibility of introducing athletics, tug of war and hockey. These events are already being held regionally so we as a county need to jump on board to give cadets more sporting opportunities in the future.

If you are interested in taking part in county sports please ask your detachment commander for more information.