First Aid Heroes!

Cadets from Musa Qala Company Praised for their First Aid Skills

23 February 2019

We now have a photograph of our 2 lead First Aiders who were praised by a member of the public last week for their actions follwing an accident on the Wirral.

Cadet Corporals Atherton and Owen from Musa Qala Company, ran to assist a gentleman who had fallen in the middle of a main road and hit his head.

Cdt Cpl Owen said " I first noticed the incident and my first instinct was to stop the traffic and get someone to call an ambulance"

Cdt Cpl Atherton told us " I rang an ambulance as soon as we got to the casualty, we both assisted the casualty with the help of other cadets from our Detachment and members of the public"

Amazing First Aid Skills and Training put into practice by ALL the cadets !

Well done we're very Proud of you All!