Cadets Parade in Style at Liverpool Town Hall!

28 February 2018

CV Boosting Qualifications for Merseyside Army Cadets

Merseyside Army Cadets, including former cadets, were presented with their respective level CVQO awards last night at a Grand Presentation Event at the Liverpool Town Hall.

The Presentations were made by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Malcom Kennedy and he was accompanied by the Lady Mayoress Mrs Liliana Kennedy.

The qualifications given out where BTEC Level 1 Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship in Youth Organisation.  ILM Level 2 Award in Effective Team Member Skills. BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community.

Parents and cadets were given the opportunity to talk about what benefits they thought the BTEC and ILM qualifications would do for them.

Overall response was that they are beneficial in terms of College, University and employment opportunities, not forgetting the confidence, leadership, social and interpersonal skills that these CVQO awards also enhance!

The Lord Mayor wrote on his Twitter account after the event "It's always a pleasure to see young people reap the rewards of their efforts. Congratulations to All who received their BTEC and ILM certificates"

Well Done to ALL! For More Information on CVQO please visit: