Cadet First Aid Training Saves Lives!

19 April 2018

One of the many skills young people learn through the Army Cadets is First Aid. This Life Skill, which is taught to cadets from the moment they enter our Youth Organisation has proved again and again to be invaluable. Please read below about two Merseyside Army cadets who recently used the First Aid Skills they had learnt to help save lives.

Cadet J Liggett, aged 13, who is a training 1 Star at Bootle Central Detachment, part of One Company, witnessed a car accident in which one of his friends was involved whilst they were both out in Liverpool in April this year.

Cadet Liggett had recently completed his First Aid on Easter Camp and was able to administer First Aid and treatment for Shock to his friend, by laying him on the floor, covering him and elevating his feet until the Public Services arrived. 

Cadet S Black, aged 15, training 2 Star, also from Bootle Central Detachment, saved her 9 year old cousin from choking by using the skills she was taught on her First Aid, again at Easter Camp. This actually happened on the day she qualified, 30th March! The young cadet administered the correct first aid techniques to a child who is choking, back blows, before resorting to abdominal thrusts, after which she dislodged a sweet that had become stuck in the child's throat.

Truly wonderful life skills displayed by both cadets! Well done!

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