Regimental Band Summer Camp

5 July 2017

This week see's the Regimental Band from Lothian and Borders Army Cadets be joined by members of the Boys Brigade and fellow Army Cadets from across Scotland and Northern Ireland for their annual Summer Camp.

The Musician Cadets hailing from Edinburgh, Fife and Omagh are spending the week at the headquarters of Lothian & Borders Army Cadets at Drumshoreland Cadet Training Centre honing their skills on their chosen instruments. In addition to the musical tutition, the Cadets will further develop in other areas by going further with group work and working as a team while also learning many usefull skills such as First Aid and leadership.

Arriving on Saturday July 1st, it's been a busy week so far with the newer members of the band undergoing their half star proficiency test which includes core subjects such as First Aid, Navigation and Military knowledge.

As Cadets progress through their careers with the Band they take on extra responsibility through promotion and other roles such as Cadet Lance Corporal Reynolds from Granton who was promoted to the rank of Cadet Corporal.

The senior element of the Band have been putting their leadership skills to the test learning about core competencies such as judgement, integrity and communication. These skills allow the senior Cadets to lead the band during performances at various engagements including the Palace of Holyrood House and Edinburgh Castle. This week is particularly exciting for the Cadets as they visit Her Majesty's Garden Party for 'Royal Week' in Edinburgh performing for the Duke of Edinburgh Award presentations.

The senior Cadets also have the opportunity to progress through their BTEC Level 2 in Music for Practical Performance which gives Cadets an insight into working within the music industry while developing solo and ensemble skills and learn how to play and organise an event. The level 2 qualification is a great and exciting way to pursue an interest in music and is recognised by colleges, universities and employers being the equivelant to achieving four NAT 5's in Scotland. 

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