20 June 2017

Hard work has paid off for two Cadet from 23 Troop, who were awarded their coveted Royal Artillery cap badges following completion of their basic training.

Cadets Danyal Iqbar (15) and Jackson Sutherland (14) both joined the Army Cadets based at MacDonald Road in January this year. In the time since, they have been introduced to the variety of activities that the Army Cadets have on offer including learning subjects such as ‘Cadet in the Community’, Drill and Turnout, and Marksmanship.

In fitting tradition, Sergeant Instructor (SI) Alex Alexander from 23 Troop – who are one of only two Cadet units badged to the Royal Artillery across the Lothian and Borders area – awarded both Danyal and Jackson their cap badges to wear on their berets for the rest of their Cadet career. A symbolic gesture which acknowledges the individual’s efforts in learning about regimental history and welcomes them into the Cadet family.

SI Sean Collister, a Cadet Force Adult Volunterr (CFAV) and Detachment Instructor at 23 Troop said of the awards;

“It’s really great to see the dedication and hard work pay off for all of our cadets, but especially those who are new to the organisation and have such a great desire to try new things and go further in what they do, I’m very proud of our ‘gunners’ who I’m sure will keep up the hard work that got them here”.

All Cadets who pass their basic training receive the basic proficiency star badge before moving on to more challenging activities including fieldcraft where the Cadets spend 24 – 48 hours outdoors using improvised shelters and learning how to cook, look after themselves and work as part of a team thereafter, opening the door for promotion where the Cadets can take on various leadership roles within the Army Cadets.