A fairwell message from Minden Cadet Sergeant Major.

Recently, Minden (Borders) Company’s cadet sergeant major left the army cadets after reaching the upper age limit of 18 years old. We interviewed her at her last weekend camp where she gave us the highlights of her cadet career.

How has your senior cadet experience been; leading the younger generation?

It feels great as I get to inspire the younger generation and pass on the knowledge that my senior cadets would have inspired me to do. It’s quite rewarding being in this position.

How did you find the start of your cadet career?

I loved it, I’m still here 5 years later. It was great as I live in the middle of nowhere and I got to meet lots of new people through the cadets.

Have you had any different experiences from your male colleagues?

I don’t think I’ve noticed a difference. At my detachment we have more girls than males. I’ve seen male CSMs and female CSMs and we’ve all had the same experience.

Who are your cadet role models and why?

My sister. She was always higher up the ranks than me so the sibling rivalry was always there, pushing me to achieve. Colour Brack, my DC was my rock. Always there to support me. Probably all the adults in my company were really great to be around.

What are you going to do when you leave?

I’m going to uni to study civil engineering and join the UOTC. I’d love to join the army for a little bit, serve my time, I think I’d probably join the Royal Engineers.

What is your proudest achievement?

Being the Lord Lieutenant’s cadet, it’s been a privilege to work with Jeanna Swan and it’s a role that not many people get to fulfil. I feel really lucky to have been a part of it for a while.