Horncastle Cadet appointed HM Lord-Lieutenant Cadet

30 October 2018

At a special ceremony hosted at RAF Digby on October 29th, Mr Toby Dennis, the Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire, initiated a cadet from each of the Army, Air, Combined and Sea Cadets into the role of Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant's Cadet. They were chosen as they are regarded as role models with the skills and experience necessary to fulfil the appointment.

In the role the four cadets will support Mr Dennis, The Queen’s representative in Lincolnshire, in his civic, voluntary and social activities.

Senior members of the respective services read out a citation, which described the qualities of their chosen cadet. Col Field MBE, Commandant of Lincolnshire ACF, had this to say about Horncastle detachment's Cadet Staff Sergeant Josh Chapman:

"Cadet Staff Sergeant Joshua Chapman joined Lincolnshire Army Cadet Force on 16th September 2014. He is now the Senior Cadet at his Horncastle Detachment and within Number 4 Company.

Cadet Staff Sergeant Chapman is an excellent role model for the Army Cadet Force. He has sound leadership qualities and is a competent Senior Cadet Instructor who always manages to engage his students.

Cadet Staff Sergeant Chapman has represented the County in athletics and shooting. He is also Head Boy and a Prefect at his school. In addition, he is keen on swimming and tennis and is an avid and active Airsoft participant.

Cadet Staff Sergeant Chapman is a loyal, trustworthy, conscientious, meticulous, articulate and polite young man. A smart and intelligent individual who is reliable, diligent and competent and will always put others before himself. He has attended four annual camps and a myriad of other Army Cadet Force activities. He projects himself very well, can engage with an audience and has no issues with public oration.

Cadet Staff Sergeant Chapman should prove to be an outstanding ambassador as Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire's Army Cadet."

(The previous army cadet to hold the position was Beth Train-Brown, a former Cadet Staff Sergeant at Abbey detachment. Mr Dennis presented Beth with a certificate acknowledging services rendered during her time as HM Lord-Lieutenant's Cadet.)


Historically, each Lord-Lieutenant was responsible for organising the county's militia. In 1871, the lieutenant's responsibility over the local militia was removed. However, it was not until 1921 that they formally lost the right to call upon able-bodied men to fight when needed. Lord-lieutenant is now an honorary titular position usually awarded to a retired notable person in the county.