Carnival Time for Blossoming Detachment

Cadets and their spider help promote togetherness in village

27 September 2019

As part of the Cliff Carnival, Navenby Army Cadets, accompanied by a huge spider and aided by neighbouring units, led a 'How Does Your Garden Grow' themed march along the village high street.

After a lapse of nearly four decades, the carnival was brought back with the aim of recapturing some yesteryear spirit with local cadets and Itsy Bitsy playing a full part.

Blessed with late summer sunshine, a large crowd was treated to forest schooling, drama, gymnastics, a brass band, yoga, Morris dancers, circus skills, inflatables and the ACF’s climbing tower!

As a result, the organizers achieved their aim to promote togetherness among the cliff villages and collaboration between all generations, occupations and ethnicities.

The event was a great opportunity for the already blossoming local ACF detachment to raise its profile even further:

SI Kieran Taylor (pictured above) has been the detachment commander since last November, and has been involved closely with the detachment since it first opened over two years ago. For him, the way his cadets supported the carnival was just another example of their great teamwork.

He says: “Yes, we’re really motoring along now. The spirit in the detachment is high with typically 15 or 16 cadets parading weekly. We even have our own detachment T-shirt,” he adds, pointing proudly at the detachment emblem, "and I was delighted that ten of our cadets attended annual camp.

“Three are in the company shooting team, with one making it to Bisley." (He was referring to Cadet Lance Corporal Paige Taylor, who shot in the top 100 and achieved a very creditable 45th.)

There's been a lot more for him to celebrate:

“A couple will be trying out Combat Cadet and we have some very keen swimmers, athletes and footballers – anything we throw at them they seem to take in their stride. Yes, I’m proud to call Navenby my detachment. I think we’ll go even further.”

To emphasise the point, SI Taylor adds that, following a recent presentation at the local school, four Year 8s turned up at the detachment all eager to join.

“Hopefully these four will bring some mates along too and, of course, the carnival and our giant spider will have raised our profile considerably,” he says with a broad smile.