16 Troop Ambergate

16 Troop Ambergate Detachment

This month the cadets at Ambergate Detachment have been working on improving their navigation skills! With lessons covering map symbols, grid references and how to find your way they have been very busy. The Detachment Commander SMI Asken commented on the lessons saying " navigation is a key skill, we all depend on navigation devices but in the event that one of these cadets do not have access to a satnav I am confident that they will be able to find there way !" 

A little bit about us:

Ambergate Detachment is a part of the Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship, a school based in Grantham that caters for pupils between the ages of 3 and 19 with moderate to severe learning difficulties and complex needs. Within the school pupils aged 12 -18 have the opportunity to join the Army Cadet Detachment run by Sergeant Major Anita Asken.

The ACF provides young people with the challenges and adventures that could transform their lives. Ambergate Detachment welcomes boys and girls (aged over 12 and in at least year eight at school) of all abilities and backgrounds. The detachment states: "When cadets join us we encourage them to learn more, do more and try more. We inspire cadets to aim high and pursue their goals, no matter what they aim to do in life."

Many of the cadets at Ambergate are very much enjoying their time as part of the organisation, as you can see from the below quotes:

"I feel confidence and honor in myself" - Cdt Mitchell

"The ACF is a good way of making new friends and trying new things. They teach you how to respect each other and be polite" - Cdt Featherstone

"I like the army because SMI Asken has taught me lots of things and I’m excited for the ACF camps. I feel this is special and a good thing" - Cdt Presley

If you or your child/ward are interested in joining this detachment please feel free to email the detachment commander (see below contact details).

Detachment Information:

Detachment Commander :

SMI Anita Asken


Detachment Location:

Ambergate School, Dysart Road, Grantham, NG31 7LP

Parade Times:

Every Monday 13:45 - 15:15

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