Newly appointed Deputy Commandant, LNR ACF

Meet Lt Colonel Alex Calver

13 December 2019

Lt Colonel Alex Calver joined the organisation in 1993 as a cadet. He became a Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) in June 1999 upon leaving as a 4 Star Cadet Staff Sergeant.

Becoming a CFAV was one of the best things he has done as he was able to give back what was given to him. Throughout his career he has been promoted through most of the Non-Commissioned ranks and all of the Commissioned Officer ranks to where he is today.

  • SI – March 2000
  • SSI – May 2004
  • SMI – December 2007
  • 2Lt – March 2010
  • Lt – March 2012
  • Capt – June 2014
  • Major – August 2016
  • Lt Col – November 2019

Throughout his career he has taken many roles on including:

  • Detachment Commander
  • Area Training Officer
  • Area Commander
  • County Projects Officer

Each role having its own challenges but equally rewarding.

With his history and achievements he can truly related to both the cadets and adults. He is completely dedicated to the organisation but more importantly seeing others achieve as much as he has.