LNR ACF assists with Army Engagement Group

1 December 2016

Northampton Saints Rugby Club hosted the first 7th Infantry Brigade Army Engagement Group Presentations to more than 200 local guests on Wednesday evening.  

The guest list was the who’s who of the counties employers, councillors and dignitaries, this giving the Army an opportunity to explain the benefits of employers supporting the reserve forces and the reintegration of ex service personnel into the civilian workplace.

The presentations were informative and professionally delivered, setting the standard for the evening as the guests assembled in the lounge to meet with the service personnel hosting the exhibition stands to answer questions on their roles and expertise. LNR ACF were the only cadet organisation present and received considerable interest regarding cadet opportunities as they move into the workplace and the roles and responsibilities of adult instructors. Raising the profile and presence of the ACF through employer engagement gives us the opportunity to showcase the cadet qualities to potential employers.


Story:  2Lt Peter Ingram
Marketing & Recruitment Officer

Image:  Colonel Stephen Cartwright from the Army Engagement Group explains the Army's 4 core purposes to the people of Northampton.