A successful Open Evening held

Rothwell Detachment - D Company

5 December 2019

On 3rd December Rothwell Detachment opened their doors for cadets parents and potential cadets to have a look at what they do. The evening was enjoyed by all with alot of awards given out. The parents loved to see what their child actually does on a parade night.

Awards Given

  • National Football Award - L/Cpl Conlon
  • CIS Signals - L/Cpl Conlon
  • Best Cadet 2019 Cadet Ben Richings
  • Best NCO 2019 Joint this year - Cpl Amber Warren and L/Cpl Darcie Conlon


  • Cadet Richings became L/Cpl Richings last night.

A very enjoyable Open Evening and a very proud Detachment Commander, SMI J Rogers