Meet the Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership team are mostly volunteers who support the 6 areas and give direction in their specialist subjects


    Role: Commandant

    The Commandant is the the senior officer in the county and is also a volunteer. It is the Commandant that sets the tone of a county and leads in in a certain direction. The direction of LNR is to ensure that we maximise on our full cadet experience for all adults and cadets. We do not concentrate on just the military training which includes fieldcraft, skill at arms, target shooting, navigation, first aid, drill and PT but also CVQO, DofE, Adventurous Training and we have a very strong music cadre across all 6 areas of our county.


    Role: Cadet Executive Officer (CEO)

    As the CEO Major Breeze is the professional advisor to the Commandant as well as supporting the deputies, working full time to support him in the execution of his duties. He has responsibility for child protection, security issues and finances and management of over 1400 cadets and 300 adults. He is also the direct line manager for the other full-time staff working for the ACF, these are listed in the next section.


    Role: Deputy Commandant - Military Training

    Lt Colonel Davanna is Deputy Comdt with responsibility for Military Training, she ensures the APC syllabus is followed and standards are maintained. There are a number of events that are organised by Lt Col. Davanna and her team to ensure cadets can pass their correct modules. The main event of the year is the County Annual Camp where Col Davanna is tasked with organising an exciting 7-10 days of activities for over 500 cadets. Lt Col Davanna is also significantly involved in the recruitment and training of adults locally and Officers regionally and is often one of the senior members of the team assisting with the section of future officers. Lt Col Davanna was one of the first girls to join the ACF, at the then experimental, mixed, PWS detachment. Her 30 + years experience as an ACF cadet, adult instructor and officer have given her great empathy with both cadets and volunteers alike .


    Role: Deputy Commandant - Non Military Training

    Lt Colonel Sean Smales is Deputy Comdt with responsibility for all aspects of training that are not linked to the APC syllabus. The wider cadet experience is covered through offering CVQO ( BTEC and ILM qualifications), iDEA, Duke of Edinburgh's award as well as all the expeditions, Adventurous Training and Battlefield tours. Every year we have a week on the water with canoe cadet, a week with 100 persons skiing in Italy and for the last few years battlefield tours have occurred in France, Belgium and Berlin. Lt Col Smales is also involved in the recruitment and training of officers locally, regionally and nationally. Following time served in the Royal Military Police (Reserves) and as an adult leader in the Scouts, Lt. Colonel Smales joined the Army Cadet Force and has come through the ranks as an instructor, a Detachment Commander, Company Commander and now Deputy Commandant.


    Role: Deputy Commandant - Support

    Lt Colonel Alex Calver is Deputy Commandant with responsibiliy to supporting the Commandant. He is responsible for all support and administration tasks within the county. His main areas of responsibility are: Officer Recruitment and Training, CFAV Recruitment, PR & Marketing, Senior Cadet Development and ensuring the Cadet Exerience is maximised. Lt Col. Alex Calver has been in the organisation since 1993 as a cadet, in 1999 he became a CFAV and has worked his way through all of the ranks as a Non-Commissioned Officer. In 2010 he took his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. He has completed various roles including Detachment Commander, Training Officer, Area Commander & County Projects Officer, so is fully empathetic to all cadets and adults.

  • RSMI Jonathon Ingle

    Role: Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor

    RSMI Ingle is the Regimental Sergeant Major Instructor for LNR ACF. He is responsible for all leadership and discipline for Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO's) within LNR ACF and reports directly to the commandant on all matters of the WO's & Sgt Mess. RSMI Ingle also looks after Senior Cadet retention and training.

  • Major Jordan Peplow

    Role: County Training Officer Military

    Major Peplow heads up the County Military Training Wing as well as controlling all military training for the county and assisting the 6 areas with their training and testing. It is his responsibility to ensure the correct military standards are obtained across all the testing. Major Peplow is also charged with the induction and continuation training of all adults, ensuring they remain current and competent in all their military skills.

  • Major Inez Bradbury

    Role: County Training Officer Non Military

    Major Bradbury heads up the County Non Military Training Wing. She is responsible for all the county events and getting cadets to the regional and national events for sports. The areas covered on non military include; sports, DofE including the expeditions, CVQO, iDEA, Music, Adventurous Training and the larger events such as Canoe Cadet, and assisting with skiing and Battlefield Tours. Major Bradbury also looks after adult non military training ensuring all adults are kept current and competent in their speciality.


    Role: Area Commander - A Company

    Major Ansell is the Officer Commanding of A Company (Northamptonshire) and is responsible for 10 Detachments in Northampton Town, Towcester, Daventry and Brackley as well as a Music Detachment.


    Role: Area Commander - B Squadron

    Major Wells is the Officer Commanding of B Squadron (Leicester) and is responsible for detachments in Leicester City Centre and surrounding areas to the south.


    Role: Area Commander - C Company

    Major Adam Stringer is the Officer Commanding of C Company (Leicester) and is responsible for detachments in Leicester City Centre and surrounding areas to the North.


    Role: Area Commander - D Company

    Major Maria Walding is the Officer Commanding D Company (Northamptonshire) and is responsible for detachments in North West of Northamptonshire including Kettering, Market Harbour, Wellingborough and Rushed.


    Role: Area Commander - E Company

    Major Paul Davanna is the Officer Commanding E Company which is the only true company that covers all 3 counties; Leicestershire Northamptonshire & Rutland and is responsible for detachments in Melton Mowbray, Oakham, North Luffenham, Corby and Oundle.


    Role: Area Commander - F Squadron

    Major Flamson is the Officer Commanding of F Squadron (Leicestershire) and is responsible for detachments to the north of Leicester, including Coalville, Ashby de la Zouche and as far north as Castle Donnington