F Squadron

The History of F Squadron is the shortest Squadron History within LNR ACF. it was formed in 1984 from the amalgamation of two detachments from B Sqn (Coalville & Ashby) and 2 detachments from C Company (Loughborough & Castle Donnington) along with Shepshed Detachment which was founded in 1985.

Coalville can trace its history back to 4th December 1979, however, there was a unit here from the War years up to 1963 but no details exist. On its formation it was then a sub detachment of Loughborough and was then also part of C Company. At this point in history all detachments were affiliated to The Royal Anglian Regiment. With area boundary alterations at the beginning of the 1980’s Coalville then joined B Squadron.

Loughborough as part of C Company was badged to The Royal Anglian Regiment and Coalville was badged to The 9/12th Royal Lancers (POWs). With the formation of F Squadron we had the misfortune to be a Squadron with two different cap badges, although not a problem it was unfortunate that the two berets were different colours!

Castle Donington was raised as a sub detachment of Loughborough in 1982 swiftly followed by Ashby detachment as a sub detachment of Coalville.

Shepshed was formed in 1985 and the then SI Flamson was posted in from Coalville detachment to help with it's formation; he is currently commanding the Squadron.

Ibstock and Peggs Green completed the expansion of the squadron and after having two cap badges throughout its life it was eventually rebadged in it's entirety to The Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry ( LDY) in 1994.

2019 has seen yet another cap badge change for F Sqn and it is now badged half RLC and half Royal Yeomanry. LDY is no longer a working regiment and as such the cap badge has been rested.

F Squadron now comprises seven detachments and a Corps of Drums