E Company

E Company can trace its roots back to 1980 when the then Commandant, Colonel Richard Gill, decided to reorganise the existing Leicestershire and Northamptonshire ACF county structure. It was formed from five existing detachments, Prince William School, Oundle, Alexandra and Elizabeth in Corby (taken from D Company) and Oakham and Melton (taken from C Company). The first Company commander was Major Ian McLachlan and the CSM was John Curry. Company HQ was based at the TA centre, Everest Lane, Corby, together with both Corby detachments.

The same year saw the first girls in the ACF and PWS detachment was one of six throughout the country selected by the MOD to run a two year pilot scheme. Nine girls joined the detachment on 1st February 1980, one is currently a Deputy Commandant and another the County Training Officer Non Military.

In 1983 they rebadged from Royal Anglian to REME and on 28th April 2008 Melton rebadged yet again to Blue and Royals at a ceremony presided over by HRH Princess Anne.

In 1988 a third detachment opened in Corby and was called Corby III! It initially started as a sub unit of Alexandra detachment but became a full detachment in 1990. Further expansion took place in the early 1990s when Uppingham detachment started as a sub unit of Oakham. It became a full detachment in 1994 and was located in very basic hutted accommodation off London Road. In 2002 the detachment was invited to move into St George’s Barracks, North Luffenham, from which it has taken its name.

After the TA moved from the town centre, the site was earmarked for redevelopment so a new purpose built cadet centre was built at Crucible Road. This was opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire Sir John Lowther on 31st May 1995 and became home to Company HQ and the Corby based detachments which have now been consolidated into two detachments.

In 1998 Rutland was added to the existing County structure and E Company is the only one within LNR ACF with detachments located in all three counties.