C Company

C (Tiger) Company was created in April 1968 as part of the Royal Anglian Army Cadet Force, replacing the previous Leicester and Rutland Army Cadet Force which did not have any company structure. It comprised of six detachments, mostly within the city of Leicester.

Mowmacre Hill (now Hindoostan) Detachment is the only original detachment left in the Company. In 1980 two were used to help form the new "E Company" and after establishig more new detachments three more were relocated to F Squadron in 1984. 

The Company is honoured to maintain it’s traditional links with the Royal Leicestershire Regiment by using the term “Tiger” within the Company title and proudly marching behind our Company banner which is in the Leicester’s colours of red, black and grey and is emblazoned with the Hindoostan tiger. Mowmacre Hill was also renamed Hindoostan detachment in recognition of the Royal Leicestershire Regiments battle honour.  Close links are also maintained with the Royal Anglian Regiment to whom we are badged, some of our instructors are ex-regular or TA soldiers from the Regiment and many of our cadets go on to join them either as regulars or TA soldiers. 

C (Tiger) Company is well known throughout the County as a field orientated unit, and we are never happier then when we are on Exercise with a set of webbing on and our faces painted in cam cream.  Our senior cadet exercise “Charlie” is the highlight of each year, putting the cadets in the most realistic and challenging scenarios that the instructors can employ within the constraints of cadet training.

We are also unique within the County for having a four legged senior cadet NCO.  Colour Sgt “Tetley” is our Company Mascot and has paraded with the Company for many years.  He is owned by our dedicated CAA SMI Andrea Moran who rescued him as a pup.  He proudly wears his rank on his dog tag round his neck and wears a brassard and poppy on his annual Remembrance Day parade at Victoria Park.