The ILM certificate is something you want on your CV

13 September 2017

CVQO Level 3 Leadership and Management Course

By Ex-Cadet Lance Corporal Jack Green, 18 from Sevenoaks – he tells us about his cadet experiences, he’s recently said goodbye to Wrotham Detachment and is looking forward to joining the Army.


In October of 2016 I was given the once in a life time opportunity to attend the ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management course hosted by CVQO at Outposts Ltd. Based in Somerset. Cadets from all over England, Ireland and Scotland from different cadet forces are Nominated by their Commanding officers to be given a place on the course itself, spaces are limited to about 64 cadets but on my course, there was around 90-100 cadets. You’re responsible for your own transport to Somerset which for me was a 4-5-hour train journey from south east England to London and then through the beautiful serenity of south west England, it was my first long distance train journey ever.


I arrived at Taunton train station in Somerset where CVQO were waiting to take us to where we were staying, two large coaches transported 100+ cadets to Quantock lodge which would be our accommodation for the week. The lodge itself consists of a large 19th Century building, a separate accommodation block, dining facilities and a games room for socialising in. the rooms were nice, the food was exceptional and the staff who run the lodge are very friendly and provide free tea, coffee and food while you work away on your workbooks late into the night. There are no shops or other facilities anywhere near the lodge so you’re not allowed to leave for safety reasons, take food and snacks with you like you would any other cadet weekend and lunch is provided by the lodge everyday you’re out at the Outposts Adventure training areas.


Outposts has two different training areas, the first is situated in a hilly area quite a distance from the lodge and the second is a farm with a large lake. All activities taking place are well supervised by the staff and are designed to test every team members abilities and how you work as a team. Later in the week you will be expected to plan and lead your own command task based on the ones available, Rank and experience does not matter as you will learn new things and criticism will be given on your ability to lead for the future. Tasks range from land to water based, intelligence or physical based and are always primarily teamwork based, if you don’t work as a team then you will most likely fail most of the tasks. If working as a team, physical activity and making friends is something you enjoy, then this course is for you!


The whole course is not just based on physical tasks, you will be required to fill out a workbook as well, this is to be filled out completely on the week away. If this is not possible then you’re able to request an extension and give it in before the deadline. The workbook can be handwritten or typed up on a laptop, there are limited laptops available so taking your own is recommended. At the end of all the work you will be rewarded with a Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management in either a Pass or a Good pass depending on how well you filled out each section. This certificate is something you’d want on your CV and shows how independent you’re and how you work as a team.

I hope you’re all looking into being put on this course and I hope you have as much fun as I had, good luck and secure your future one qualification at a time.


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