Service Leavers in Kent ACF: Focus on AUO Morris

29 June 2020

You don't have to have any military experience to join the Army Cadets as an adult volunteer, however we have many members of the team that have served and they have a range of skills and experience to bring to the organisation.

Here we highlight AUO Jamie Morris, Margate

"I served in the Royal Engineers from 2000 to 2013.

My trade was communications in the Engineers, but we all get trained in combat engineering, building bridges, construction, demolition, and after my training I was posted to 33 EOD Regiment and qualified as an elementary EOD operator (I could set up the specialist equipment for the Bomb Disposal Officer), and I was search trained, I did various tours such as Kenya, Canada, Macedonia, Bosnia, America, and three tours of Iraq.

Since leaving the Army I joined Kent Army Cadet Force and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, especially meeting my future wife.

My current job is working for patient transport, I may look like a Paramedic but I most certainly am not, I do continuation of care for the patients that I take, we make sure their journey is safe and as comfortable as possible and take them to the various places in the hospital for their appointments so that their care can continue.

The skills that the Army has given me includes discipline and the ability to be on time where ever I go and the determination to do any job to the best of my ability.

I'd encourage anyone not just ex-forces that are looking for a new hobby to find out more about how they can get involved and help change the lives of young people. The ACF is also great fun and gives you a great chance to meet new people and learn new skills"