RQMSI Hedges Awarded 1st Clasp to Cadet Force Medal

21 August 2019

A Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) from Maidstone was recently awarded her 1st Clasp to the Cadet Force Medal, for 18 years loyal service - this follows on from her Cadet Force Medal which she received in May 2013.

Lyanne joined Kent ACF as a cadet in 1997 obtaining the rank of 3 star Cadet Sergeant, she became a CFAV in 2001 and completed her Initial Training Course in the same year.

For the following 6 years RQMSI Hedges worked as a Detachment instructor and 2ic at Gillingham and was part of the start-up team when Woodlands Detachment opened in 2001. RQMSI Hedges was promoted to Staff Sergeant Instructor in 2006 and became Detachment Commander at Woodlands in 2007. Lyanne became Detachment Commander of Gillingham detachment in 2015, looking after the two units.

RQMSI Hedges was promoted to Sergeant Major Instructor in 2012 and was awarded the Queens’ Diamond Jubilee Medal in February in 2012.

Outside her detachment work RQMSI Hedges supported her sub unit and County as Squadron First Aid Advisor and paddle sport instructor whilst challenging herself as an adult instructor and learning to ski with the ACF.

In 2017 RQMSI Hedges became the first female Cadet Administrative Assistant within Kent ACF transferring her adult volunteer skills, knowledge and experience into a professional Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association role.

Colonel Chris Gilbert, DL, Commandant Kent ACF said:

“I would like to congratulate Lyanne on her clasp and thank her for her exemplary and loyal service to the organisation; we would not be able to run the broad range of exciting activities across the county for the young people of Kent without dedicated adults and officers like her.

Lyanne is a role model for the younger cadets, adults and officers coming up through the ranks, providing essential leadership and training for the young people under her charge and providing a valuable skillset for the permanent staff at County HQ”.

RQMSI Hedges said:

“It has been an honour and a privilege to work with the young people of the County, it is great to be able to make a difference and watch young people grow in confidence and really thrive within the army cadets.

I would encourage any adult to find out more about how they can get involved.”