Maidstone Cadet Helps out in Motorway Emergency

22 April 2019

Cadet Lance Corporal Harvey Powell from Moncktons Detachment (Maidstone) assisted in a road traffic collision involving a car and motorcycle yesterday on the busy M26.

His mother Mrs Cindi Seymour-Powell tells us what happened:

"We were nearing Clacket Lane services in lane one my motorbike just ahead car braked quite sharply and the motorcycle behind it (a BMW 1000RR) hit the back end of it doing about 45-50mph. We pulled up just ahead of the accident.

Harvey got off my bike first and shouted to the rider not to move, we ran over to help and I said to Harvey to get on the floor and immobilise the riders head and neck whilst I and another bystander checked the guys’ vital signs.

Harvey was talking to the injured guy - making sure he kept still at all times. Harvey followed instructions that were given to him until an off duty doctor came over to help.

Thankfully, apart from a very broken motorbike, the rider escaped with minimal injuries - possibly a broken shoulder/collar bone.

I praised Harvey for what he did but in his mind he didn’t do anything but I disagree.”

Mrs Seymour-Powell added: “I’ve no doubt the skills Harvey has learnt whilst in the Army Cadets helped in this situation, listening to instructions and keeping calm - he helped no end”.

Harvey commented:

“Throughout my cadet career, I’ve become very confident in what to do in a situation which requires first aid; this couldn’t have been done without the instructors who are beyond amazing at their jobs.

As a part of our training, we did a section on broken bones such as what to do and what not to do, in this case, all I could do was keep the man’s head still so that the paramedics and doctors that happened to be in the area would be able to do their jobs.

The first aid that is taught through cadets is really in depth. You learn to deal with various types of cuts, breaks and fractures, as well as what to do in the event of a stroke or heart attack which is something everyone will have some sort of experience with in their lifetime.”

Major Ian Packer, Officer Commanding D Company said:

“I am grateful that the skills that Cadet Lance Corporal Powell has learnt in the ACF have been put to such good use.

I would like to congratulate Harvey on his actions in this potentially very dangerous situation. I would encourage any young person who would like to learn these skills to pop down to their nearest detachment and find out more. Well done Lance Corporal Powell!”