Kent ACF County Skills Competition

12 October 2018

I am Corporal Ryan Atkins from Deal detachment A Coy and I was the 2IC for the Kent ACF County Skills Competition team for the Tiger Cub competition. The team consisted of Sgt Doggett, Cpl Taylor ,Cpl Penny, Cpl King, Cpl Hobbs ,Cpl Burgess and of course me. The Tiger Cub Competition was run by 3 PWRR and was set up to give the different counties and schools a chance to compete against one another.

We were marked against the Army’s mark scheme for 9 regions of training: First aid, observation, military knowledge, signals, Skill at Arms, command task, admin, sniper stalk, fieldcraft and a march and shoot.

We arrived at Crowborough Camp on Friday and got our safety briefs and orders for the following days and then were bedded down till morning. We started off Saturday with personnel admin and then were dropped off at our first stand – first aid – we were greeted to a broken shin and had an injury, one of our favourite things, to sort out in the morning. We then had to patrol off to our next stand which was, observation where we had to remember 19 military items which were going to be hidden along our path we then had the task of finding those items. We managed to find all but one we were happy with our efforts, so we moved on to the next stand military knowledge.

Being a mixed regiment team, the military knowledge was going to be harder for us as only two of us were PWRR affiliated so we turned up at the stand then we had to sprint to the troop shelter receive a question then relay the question back tour team, so another member could answer. We answered all twenty questions so moved on to the next stand -after a brief talk about Army life with one of the regular solders. Signals was our next location here we had a brief run down of the working parts of the PRR radio system an then we took part in the practical assessment for hand signals. We then swiftly patrolled off to SAA we had to name all the working parts of the L98 cadet GP rifle then we had to get into pairs to reassemble two GP rifle as quick as humanly possible.

After SAA we patrolled of to our command task stand where the IC Sgt Teide Doggett took over and looked for the bigger picture as we solved the tower of Hanoi, after finishing the tower we had to recite the items we memorised earlier. We then moved of to the admin stand where we had lunch warmed up and sheltered from the rain, after eating we patrolled of to the sniper stalk were we had to advance onto an enemy observation point and write down the password, we all separated off and began to advance one by one we were picked off but luckily I brought my ghillie cape so I survived the longest and got one letter of the password before being taken out by the OP.

By this point we were all wet muddy and lacking morale but we pushed though to the last stand despite the hurling wind and the torrential rain. We got the fieldcraft stand bombed up and started our section attack rounds were going off left right and centre the IC was out of action so I took command, after a  few minutes of rapid fire we heard a regroup from the IC and her assault team we all advanced to the enemy location and did a SITREP.

The next day we warmed up for our march and shoot we had to run a lap of the camp we finally finished and were then broken down into two fire teams one for the shooting and one for the obstacle course all of which was timed. We finished up wit the march and shoot and marched up to the gym where the award ceremony began one by one our teams collected medals and trophies to our amusement and our DC’s we beat the other teams all PWRR affiliated at their own military knowledge, bearing in mind we were 2xRTR cadets 2xREME cadets 1xRE cadet 2xPWRR cadets we finished the day off with havasack rations and cleaning off weapons. The Tiger Cub Competition gave us a great opportunity to bond as a team and have an insight into army life and what we could do when we left the cadets. We all went home Sunday, tired and dirty, but thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope to do as well if not better next year.