Jack's experiences in the ACF have prepared him for army life

16 October 2020

Cadet Corporal Jack Schofield was at Strood Detachment, Kent ACF Sqdn RE and has now joined the British Army.

Here’s what he says about his time in the ACF:

“Being in the Army Cadets really helped with my confidence and to be more open and face any problems I was struggling with. The adult staff were supportive and provide a great environment to learn and train in.

I decided to join the cadets because I wanted to join the Army and I knew being in would help with my confidence and prepare me for my future career.

My favourite ACF experience was when I went to Germany for two weeks and conducted a village RECCE.

I have made lots of friends in the ACF and really enjoyed the adventurous training especially canoeing, rock climbing, hill walking, mountain biking and rafting.

Being in the ACF has definitely helped me getting into the Army and on my basic training. My friends have seen a completely new side of me since I joined the ACF and are happy and proud that I did it for five years.”