Jack Green Passes CVQO Level 2 BTEC in Teamwork and Development

22 May 2017

Ex-Cadet Lance Corporal Jack Green, 18 from Sevenoaks tells us about his cadet experiences, he’s recently said goodbye to Wrotham Detachment and is looking forward to joining the Army.

He has recently passed his Level 2 BTEC in Teamwork and Development which he said was a lengthy but very rewarding process. Jack commented:

“I was persuaded by 2nd Lieutenant Keith Fuller to start the Qualification in late 2015 when I was 16; I had only been in the Army Cadet Force for a few months. The work involved to gain the Certificate came in the form of a work book with 11 different Units, each unit was worth a certain amount of credits and I needed 60 credits overall to gain my Qualification. The Units mostly involved writing but the other units involved teach lessons, using my expedition skills or volunteering in the community. I am aiming to join the Army after college and I think this certificate would help me to stand out among other applicants and possibly put me in better stead for promotions.

Joining the ACF was a way for me to interact with new people and make friends. I got far more than just social interaction; I was given a chance to do activities including shooting, field craft, first aid, navigation and much more.

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a hobby, pastime or just an excuse to get out of the house to give the Army Cadets a go. I was a cadet for almost two years and I am very grateful for the opportunities presented to me, I have been able to achieve so much in such a small amount of time”.

What other qualifications have you gained from the ACF?

  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award 
  • ILM / BTEC in Leadership and Management Level 2

What are you doing now?

I am currently studying Electrical Engineering at West Kent College,

How do you think you’ve benefited from being in the Army Cadets?

I think I’ve benefited greatly from being in the Army Cadets; I’ve achieved so much more than I thought I would in my short time.

Why did you decide to join?

I was looking for social interaction and to make new friends, I’m glad I joined when I did.

What are your favourite ACF activities and why?

I enjoyed shooting, field craft and navigation. It was a chance to get outdoors and try something new for a change. Field craft was my favourite because I got to sleep outdoors, eat ration pack food and learn some new skills.

Have you faced any challenges in life that the ACF has helped you overcome?

Being able to address crowds of people has been made easier thanks to the ACF; I was motivated and taught well on how to handle these situations.

“Fun, friendship, action, adventure” – do these describe your time in the ACF?  

Making friends was always my main goal in the ACF, spending time with my detachment made it feel like a second family to me.  

Do you think being in the ACF will help your career/job/future prospects and, if so, how will it help?

Being in the Army Cadet Force shows commitment, teaches you social skills and a sense of discipline. These skills are always good to have when applying for a career and for future prospects.

What difference do you think your friends and family have seen in you since joining the ACF?

I now have more confidence, am more hardworking and definitely more approachable as a person. The ACF has taught me discipline and self confidence amongst other things.

Can you tell me about a time in the ACF when you really challenged or surprised yourself?

I was running an obstacle course on annual camp and was challenged by one of the Lieutenants to climb the 12 foot wall without needing a leg up. So I took the challenge and ran at the wall before jumping and grabbing the hands of the under officers at the top on the first try. I was cheered on by my fellow cadets who witnessed what I had done.

What are you most proud of / or what’s been your best moment since joining the Army Cadets?

My best moment was making so many new friends and being able to bond with them so closely. I was looked up to as someone who was helpful, approachable and if any cadet had a problem they had the confidence to ask me for help.

My most proud moment was being able to achieve my Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC awards.

If you hadn’t joined the ACF what would you be doing now?

I would most likely have a boring CV, no social interaction or life at all. I would be sitting around at home doing nothing and would have no idea what opportunities I had missed.

I am grateful to every officer, member of staff and cadet for making my time in the ACF so enjoyable, without any of them I wouldn’t have had such an amazing time in the ACF.