I’ve overcome my shyness and nervousness and am now happy to teach and take drill

9 June 2019

Cadet Corporal Kirash Pun, Moncktons Detachment, Maidstone

I have benefited in the ACF by learning respect and determination. I decided to join the ACF as I needed a hobby, to get out of the house and be active.

My favourite activity in the ACF is shooting, fieldcraft and physical training. Shooting is exciting and not many people have had the opportunity to shoot the L98 A2 or LSW.

Fieldcraft is good because I’ve learnt so much and I enjoy ambushing with blank rounds.

The hardest challenge I’ve overcome is my shyness and nervousness, but now I’m happy to teach cadets and take drill.

My relatives are Gurkha veterans (Royal Engineers) and are pleased I’m in the cadets and have seen me grow in confidence as have my friends.

If I wasn’t in the cadets I’d probably be sat in front of my computer, bored and still shy.

Recently I learned that failure is a big part of success, so failure just means you are still learning.