I’ve been in cadets now for nearly two years and it has changed me for the good

10 May 2018

Cadet Chloe Marlow, Sevenoaks Detachment:

"The DofE weekend was a completely new experience, the days leading up to it had been nerve wracking as it was going to be my first one. I was not sure if I was going to enjoy it or not but after the weekend I had no regrets.

On the first day we planned our meals and that was quite tricky as we had to adapt it to everyone's needs and wants, but they turned out rather successful except our flame constantly kept going out as our gas had frozen as it was so cold! We did other things like how to pack our bag and put up a tent. Unfortunately we did not get to sleep outside as it had snowed. But I am certainally looking forward to the next one.

I've been in cadets now for nearly two years and it has changed me for the good. I use to be shy and not want to be out of my comfort zone, but now I will leap at any new opportunity that comes to light.
I have learnt many things about myself that I did not know before and have made many new friends.

I have been introduced to lots of new things like navigation, field craft and first aid but I  have particularly taken a liking to drill and shooting. I have been on many camps since I started and they've all been different experiences. I am now 2* training and hope to pass it this summer on annual camp".

Chloe with the Mayor of Sevenoaks below, at annual camp last year