I have learnt leadership skills and now have a better skillset for my future

9 June 2019

Cadet Lance Corporal Jack Shadwell, Moncktons Detachment, Maidstone

I have benefitted from being in the ACF because I have learnt leadership skills and now have a better skillset for my future.

I decided to join the Army Cadets because of my times in the Cub Scouts, I loved being outside but my group lost instructors so it had to close. A few years later some cadet instructors came to my school and did a presentation, I joined a few days later and have loved it ever since.

My favourite activity is fieldcraft. I like this most as I feel that everything we learn goes into this subject – I love being outside.

Being in the ACF will 100% help me in the future, I have learnt many things and have built some close friendships. The ACF is more than just a club, I know if I have a problem whatever it may be I can speak to my instructors and they would listen and try to help.

At detachment every month we do physical training, when we started I couldn’t do more than five push-ups but after training I managed to get to 25, I’m proud of that!

My best moment was at the end of annual camp in 2017 when I got promoted to Lance Corporal. I tried to go to every detachment night and took parades as much as I could to get promoted and it looks like it paid off, but my next goal is Corporal.

I would definitely recommend the cadets to anyone and have even recruited two new people to the detachment myself – I’d really like to persuade more people to join.