I feel better about myself since I have joined the ACF & the skills I have learnt will help me in the future

4 February 2019

Casey Jane Reeves is 16 and attends Margate Detachment and is studying a Level 2 professional cookery course at Broadstairs College.

How do you think you’ve benefited from being in the Army Cadets?

Joining cadets has helped me with my confidence and working as part of a team. Before I joined cadets I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Joining cadets is the best thing I have done, I joined in 2017 aged 15.

Why did you decide to join?

I have always been interested in a career in the military and I wanted to get an insight into what I would expect. Also all the other things that I could learn and then use in civilian society.

What are your favourite ACF activities and why?

I enjoy physical training, fieldcraft and first aid. I think that these subjects will help me even when I leave cadets.

Have you faced any challenges in life that the ACF has helped you overcome?

Yes I have always had an issue with believing in my self and also having issues when it comes to tests. But with the help of my detachment commander and other instructors I have been able to cope better in these situations.

“Fun, friendship, action, adventure” – do these describe your time in the ACF? Any stories to tell around these themes?

Yes all of these. When I went on annual camp 2018 to begin with I knew very few people and by the end of the 9 days I knew more people and some I have become friends with. I found that annual camp also included the other lessons and I learnt a lot and did things that I hadn't experienced before.

Do you think being in the ACF will help your career/job/future prospects and, if so, how will it help?

Yes because I feel better about myself and I feel like since I have joined the ACF the skills I have learnt will help me in the future.

Do you think you’d have got the same benefits from joining another youth organisation? If not, why not?

No because I feel like other youth organizations don't offer a lot of the things that the ACF and in my opinion I feel like cadets will keep youths on the right path.

What difference do you think your friends and family have seen in you since joining the ACF?

I have a lot of pride in what I do and also I have more respect, I was already respectful but it has opened my eyes to more things and not to give up when things get tough.

Can you tell me about a time in the ACF when you really challenged or surprised yourself?

Doing an obstacle course on annual camp 2018 I didn’t think I could do it but I tried and succeed in it.

What are you most proud of / or what’s been your best moment since joining the Army Cadets?

Passing my weapon handling teat until that point I had never touched a weapon. Also getting an award at a presentation evening. I had only been at cadets a couple of months it was a big surprise but it was amazing.

Without the help of the instructors and Margate detachment commander I don’t think I would be where I am now.