Grand Designs for Cadet Matt Barton, Tenterden

Grand Designs for Cadet Matt Barton, Tenterden

10 October 2019

Cadet Matt Barton (who we recently featured) from Tenterden Detachment, B Coy has been a busy young man. He recently designed a poster for recruiting in the ACF as part of his GCSE coursework.

Check it out below:

Here's what he said:

"I made my design for my Graphics GCSE where I needed to make a poster about something. I decided to create a poster for cadets based on old fashioned Russsian propaganda poster.

I created the poster by creating a collage using old fashion patterns which I cut out and then placed onto a sheet.

After that I took pictures of cadets (with their permission) and changed their photos into black and white and put them onto the collages. I finally decided on four that I like and I evolved them by adding different coloured version of the old patterns on top of the other collages. Finally, I went onto Photoshop and added the Kent ACF logo and the slogan and finished it by printing it on mid tone paper".

The picture below shows him receiving his cadet of the month award from RBL visitor Simon Passy, an ex Tenterden ACF SSI.

Well done Matt what a brilliant design and what a great ambassador you are, both for the cadets and youth of today!