Centre for Cadet Adventure Training (CCAT) Adventures for Bailey

7 May 2019

By: Cadet Lance Corporal Bailey Pendleton, Herne Bay Detachment, A Coy, Kent ACF

Centre for Cadet Adventure Training (CCAT) Halton, Lancashire, Multi-Activity Package 14-19th April 2019

This week I went on a CCAT course that was for 6 days, Sunday to Friday at Halton training Camp in Lancashire. I did a range of activities which included canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, caving and walking.

I found this experience a good opportunity to make new friends and gain new skills that could benefit me in the real world. I made new friends from across the country and did new things, such as walking up the Old Man of Coniston (a hill in the Lake District which is 803m high) and squeezing through tight spaces in deep caves.

Overall I really enjoyed the CCAT week and I would recommend it to other cadets because it teaches new things and it is fun. Also, it helps you gain confidence and if you are not confident with one of the activities the instructors are there to help you and teach you to become more confident.