Cadet Force Medal for Ashford Army Cadet Volunteer

9 April 2019

Captain Vicky Robinson, County Press Officer for the Kent Army Cadet Force (Kent ACF) has recently been awarded her Cadet Force Medal for 12 years loyal service.

Vicky joined the cadets at 13 years old and attended Cranbrook Detachment where she was badged as Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment (PWRR). She lives in Ashford and is Head of Marketing and Communications for the Institute of Risk Management in London.

Captain Robinson said:

“I am really proud to receive my medal; it is so rewarding to be able to help the organisation promote the great work that is being done to provide cadets and adults opportunities that they might not otherwise get.

I was a cadet myself when I was a teenager and I firmly believe that skills-for-life are being taught as well as discipline which will help people later on in life. It’s great to see young people under our charge develop into confident young adults”.

The Commandant of Kent ACF, Colonel Chris Gilbert said:

“The ACF encourages people to develop into capable, confident adults by putting themselves through structured, demanding and rewarding programmes of training. It is a hugely responsible role and I congratulate Captain Robinson on her recent promotion and medal.

We are actively encouraging any young people or adults in the county that want a new hobby to contact us to find out more.”