Being in the cadets has really benefited me, I have learnt self respect and discipline

14 November 2017

Cadet Lance Corporal Amy Reeve from Herne Bay Detachment tells us a bit about what it's like being in the ACF.

Being in the cadets has really beneftted me, I have learnt self respect, discipline and taken extra qualifications like my BTEC in Teamwork and Leadership.

I decided to join and am pelased as it's given me a better outlook on life and heped me to become a better person. I really enjoy adventurous training and shooting. One of the best things is the amount of new friends that I have made.

Being in the cadets will hep me when I go for a job with leadership skills, higher self esteem and confidence.

One of my favourite times in cadets has been the navigation and expedition weekends and getting my promotion.