Annual Camp Update

7 August 2018

Greetings from Annual Camp 2018, despite the warm weather there’s loads going on. Cadets have been tested on their weapons handling, had radio users training, navigation lessons and more.

Here’s a breakdown on what we’re up to today (weather dependent) – if it gets over 26 we work in the shade and make sure all of the cadets are hydrated and out of the sun.

1 Star Alpha field craft, shooting, navigation and skill at arms

1 Star Bravo skill at arms

2 Star navigation training and ranges

3 Star - 2* expedition training

3 Star cadre - dry drills for training in built up areas (when moving through village). Urban Ops insertion and extraction drills/with satellite patrols/ patrol reports

The Basic and Intermediate instructors are out on the area – a busy day for all!