5 September 2018

Second Lieutenant Dave Hazlewood from Cranbrook Detachment of Kent ACF was recently awarded the Lord Lieutenant of Kent Junior Leadership Award for 2018.

He joined the Army Cadet Force as an instructor back in 2013, and was commissioned as an officer this January.

The Commandant, Kent ACF, Colonel Chris Gilbert  presented the award which is for Junior Adult Officers or Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs), as well as Cadet NCOs, who have demonstrated the most improvement in his or her leadership skills.

Second Lieutenant Dave Hazlewood said:

“I was shocked but honoured to be given this award, especially as I don’t have the same previous military or cadet experience as a lot of my peers. I feel that coming into the organisation without any pre-conceptions has actually been a good thing in the long run though, and has helped me see things a bit differently.

My background in management and running my own business has carried across to the ACF quite well, but I’ve never thought of it as anything special. Everyone in the organisation has their own strengths, and I feel humbled to work with such great people.

I am extremely pleased to have taken the plunge to be a part of the ACF and would recommend it to anyone seeking a rewarding and fulfilling past time”

Colonel Chris Gilbert, Commandant Kent ACF said:

“I would like to formally thank Second Lieutenant Dave Hazlewood for all his hard work during his cadet and adult career – without such dedicated volunteers such as Mr Hazlewood we would not be able to offer the youth of Kent such a wide range of fabulous opportunities that we do today”.