Service Leavers in Kent ACF: Focus on 2nd Lt Carswell

2 July 2020

2nd Lieutenant George Carswell, Detachment Commander, Ashford Alamein

I served in the Royal Military Police for over nine years and left as a Sergeant. I served as follows:

1st gulf war (Op Granby) then worked as a team leader/covert operative on the Drugs Intelligence Team. On return to unit I was then part of the force military police unit for Allied Command Europe mobile force where I deployed on operations with NATO as a combat signaller amongst other duties.

I then served for three years in Northern Ireland. For the first 18 months I was based out of Londonderry patrolling the streets and working alongside the RUC delivering policing services, especially along the borders. I then moved to be collator at Criminal Records and Intelligence office (NI) where I was involved in some high profile case reviews and was promoted to Sergeant.

After Ireland I applied to do a specialist role and went through a selection process and was then trained and deployed out to Bosnia as a humint (human intelligence) operator working in the southwest alongside the Canadian battalions. I was team leader of a small three man team that worked autonomously from the rest of the force and we reported direct to commander MND West. Many of my reports were highlighted in the higher echelons with praise given from the commanders and additionally, enabled deployment of relevant resources to avoid potential hotspots. On return from Bosnia, I was attached to the Intelligence Corps and remained at Chicksands Camp as an instructor until leaving to join the police service.

I have been involved in cadet movements both as a cadet myself back when I was younger, and was an instructor with the SCC as a PO when I was a police officer. My current work sees me as a senior manager with one of the world’s largest facilities management companies, and presently I am responsible for the security of a large telecommunications companies 6500+ locations where we have a team of 460 employees deployed with 183 direct reports. Every day is different with many different challenges especially during this pandemic where I have had to deploy additional teams to secure 5G assets due to fake news!

Being a CFAV is an exciting and fulfilling experience. You get the opportunity to work with some really enthusiastic young people and be a positive role model to these individuals. Additionally, you work with other like-minded CFAV’s who are all there to be a positive influence on these young cadets and to give something back. Inspire to achieve.